This blog began in 2005 on a closed network at my college called Xanga. In 2008, it moved to my personal website. Now it lives here, and while it is rarely used, it represents over a decade of thoughts, rants, and ramblings. It's more of a memory box than anything else these days, but I keep it around.


In 2010, Amanda and I started doing music together. In prior years, I had released a few solo singer-songwriter albums, but Amanda started singing with me in 2010 and inspired me in major ways. We branded all of our music together…

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Life is Busy!

Hey guys,

Over the years I’ve used this site less and less. I dream of the day when I’ll use it again, but for now just keep up with me on my social media. Links are bottom left!



On Monday I shared this on Facebook:

We’re all watching the Church be persecuted in Iraq and in other parts of the world. It’s tragic, horrible, and so painful to see. I am prone to feel helpless, as if there…

New Things

I’m going to have new things here. Soon.

Just about half way!

We are only 2 days away from being 20 weeks! Which means….we will be half way done!!!!


Baby is growing quite nicely, and is almost the length of a banana!
He/she is also kicking like crazy. Mostly when Dave…

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An Hour of Music I’m Loving Right Now

I have a playlist on iTunes that I’m completely digging. It’s 15 songs, 1hr long. It’s too bad I can’t share iTunes playlist, otherwise I’d just share it with you. But you should really check out these songs! They’re not

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Creationism vs. Evolution

Last night I watched the highly anticipated debate between evolutionist Bill Nye and creationist Ken Ham. Full disclosure: I’m a creationist. But I hope what I have to say here makes sense for both sides of this argument. I believed

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Can You Help?

I’ve got serious blockage.

I need some help getting out of the creative funk I’m in. I’m going to write a bunch of songs, and I need you to give me topics, ideas, and stories. Submit anything by commenting below…

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