Visit my profile for studio work!

Visit my profile for studio work!


Producing is all about the magic of making music. I have been involved in producing records for over 10 years. Every year my ear for production has gotten a little more finely tuned. When I hear a song, I can imagine all of the parts, from the instrumentation to the arrangement. My greatest strength is capturing the feel of the song in the context of the record. 

I’m available as a full producer, or even to help you self-produce by coming along side of you. 


Mixing is a very delicate process. A professional mix is incredibly different than an amateur mix, even if the exact same set of tools is available to both (which is often the case in digital studios). I mix in Pro Tools, and I use professional plugins from Universal Audio, Waves, Sound Toys, Melodyne, and other great companies. I also have alot of great hardware from API, Chandler Limited, and AEA. My mic locker isn't huge, but it's quality. My favorite mic is my AEA R84, followed by my Miktek C7.

If you record in a home studio and are missing that professional pop/brilliance, I can definitely help you. As part of my mixing process, I will often re-route dry ‘home studio’ vocals through my classic UA analog gear to warm them up and make them sound professional. You’ll notice the difference of my mix. Guaranteed. 

I can’t even count the number of songs or records I have mixed. Contact me if you’re interested in having me mix your song or record. 


I’m a multi-instrumentalist, and I’m available for studio work on these instruments: guitar (acoustic and electric), bass (upright and electric), mandolin, banjo, hammer dulcimer, uke (baritone and soprano), saxophone (alto or soprano), piano and keys, as well as drums and percussion.