I’m a fairly basic musician. I play a plethora of instruments, but none of them incredibly. I sing leads and harmonies, but my voice isn’t amazing. I write songs, but most of them are about normal things. I even have a home studio where I produce all my own music, though it's not too fancy.

In spite of myself, I have played music anywhere people will listen. I’ve been fortunate enough to play shows across the US and Europe. I’ve led worship at churches, camps, and conferences small and large from New England to the southeast to the midwest to the west coast. I've played at the famous Norva venue in Virginia, where many of my musical heroes have played. I’ve played in clubs in Germany. I’ve played to the hippies in Manitou Springs. I’ve played in poverty-stricken Haiti. I’ve preformed in bars, clubs, coffeeshops, and churches all over the country.

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As a worship leader, I’ve been honored to lead people in near and far places. In addition to leading worship at almost every state in the lower-48, I’ve led worship at gatherings in Germany, Austria, and Belgium. I’ve led worship at conferences nationwide, from J2X in California, to Best Life in Minnesota, and the National Worship Leader Conference in Virginia. Every week I lead worship at my home church, The Point. My heart is for the church and to walk with the church into the presence of God. 

Personally, I came from a fairly dysfunctional family, like the rest of my generation. We moved around a lot, so I can’t say that I really have roots anywhere. I’m a product of arguments, divorce, poverty, and instability. I was the first in all of my family to graduate from college, and I’ve worked hard to make the most of my life and family.  

I had a brain aneurism and spent quite a bit of my 18th year in a hospital. Thankful to be alive, I am a pursuer of ‘life to the fullest.’ After all, you only live once. Life is about progress and growth, and I happily say I am living in both. 

I believe my songs reflect growing in spirit, growing in wisdom, growing in patience, and growing older. My beautiful wife and I look towards growing old together, though not too fast. Amanda and my children Elijah & Marcella (born in-spite of infertility issues) are the most important part of my life. God has blessed me ways I don’t deserve with this little collection of life in my home.

One of my favorite lyrics of all time is by the late Bob Marley: “One good thing about music – when it hits, you feel no pain.” That is the powerful truth of music. It is not meant to harm us, rather it was created to lift us up…to soothe us. I hope that my songs soothe your spirit in a convicting and convincing way.