You can listen to my albums right here on my website. Head over to my album page.




The Greatest Liar I’ve Ever Known (Coming June 2017) [Part 1 – iTunes, Spotify]


In the Waiting [The Point Worship] (2016) [Physical Only]


Our King Has Come [The Point Worship] (2016) [BandcampiTunes, Spotify]


So in Love EP (2015) [Bandcamp]


Come Alive: Live at The Point [The Point Worship] (2015) [Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify]


First Editions: A Collection of Songs (2007-2010) [Bandcamp]


The Book of Revelation: A Musical Commentary (2013) [Bandcamp]


Season One (2011) [Unavailable]


Prologue+Epilogue (2010) [Unavailable]


The Perfect Candidate (2009) [Unavailable]


Look to the East (2008) [Unavailable]





Where You Are (2016) [iTunes, Spotify]


In the Bleak Midwinter (2012) [Bandcamp]





Though I Walk (Acoustic), (The Point Worship, 2014) [Noisetrade]


You Reign (The Point Worship, 2014) [Noisetrade]





The Book of Revelation: Addendum EP (2013) [Joined to Full Album]


Season One: B-Sides (2011) [Unavailable]