Guitars, signal path, amps, and everything else. 


Martin D35

w/ Martin Retro Strings (Light)

K&K Trinity Pickup


Gibson J45

w/ D’addario Phospher Bronze 80/20 EJ11 Strings

K&K Trinity Pickup


Fender Jazzmaster 1962 AVRI

w/ D’addario NYXL Strings (Light)

Everything Else

Blue Ridge Pedalboard


Holsten Mountain Board, custom made. TRS (acoustic) and TR (electric) input, XLR (acoustic) and TR (electric) outputs. Pedaltrain Flight Case.


Signal Path


Let me start by clarifying that I use my pedalboard for both my acoustic and electric guitar. Because of that, I have multiple input and output options.


-> Trinity Pro (acoustic only)

-> American Looper A/B Switch

-> Ernie Ball VPJR Volume Pedal

-> Polytune Tuner

-> Disaster Area DPC-5 Gen3 (the brain of the board)

-> Keeley Compressor Pro

-> Selah Feather Drive (electric only)

-> Emerson Paramount Drive

-> Starry Night Deluxe Delay

-> Timeline Delay

-> Big Sky Reverb

-> Warrior A/B Switch

-> Grace Bix DI (acoustic only)




Marshall Class 5 w/ JJ 5751, 12AY7, & EL84 Tubes

Fender Acoustasonic (only for rehearsals as needed) 


Small Stuff


Kyser, G7, and Thalia Capos

Dunlop Nylon .73 Picks

Planet Waves American Stage Cables

MONOcase Flyby Bag

64 Audio V6s IEM’s

Evidence Audio Patch Cables