Come On, Gungor

Not to ‘poke the bear’ on this Gungor issue that’s all over the ‘Christian’ music scene right now (exhibit 1, exhibit 2 & 2.5, exhibit 3), but come on Gungor.

1) This is from their email list, which I am a subscriber of.


2) This is from Twitter just 2 days ago.



And yet Michael, you wonder why people are trying to wrap their minds around all of your posts and tweets this past week?



On Monday I shared this on Facebook:

We’re all watching the Church be persecuted in Iraq and in other parts of the world. It’s tragic, horrible, and so painful to see. I am prone to feel helpless, as if there is nothing I can do to change their situation.

I invite every believer to join me in a FAST this Tuesday for Iraq and our persecuted family. This means abstaining from food, and praying when you’re hungry. Use hunger pain to remind you of their suffering.

When the Church will fast, God will move. So many stories and examples of this in the Scriptures.

Will you join me?

I’ve been pretty amazed at the response of shares and people joining on. I wanted to add something, because it’s often difficult to organize a fast with a group. Many people began fasting on Monday. The multitude will fast today. Others will fast tomorrow, or later this week.

The point isn’t to necessarily fast all at once (though, there are stories in the Scriptures where a national fast did power things. See Judges 19-20). But it’s to start deepening prayers by being completely humble.

So fast today, or fast tomorrow. Or fast for several days. Whatever will humble yourself, and open yourself up to a deeper prayer for people who are suffering persecution & martyrdom.

Use #Fast4Iraq on your social media and invite other believers to join in this effort.


Just about half way!

We are only 2 days away from being 20 weeks! Which means….we will be half way done!!!!



Baby is growing quite nicely, and is almost the length of a banana!
He/she is also kicking like crazy. Mostly when Dave is talking or singing/playing guitar. :-)
Dave has also felt the baby kick lightly twice, and I felt it once from the outside. Can’t wait till baby gets even stronger and we can feel him/her all the time!
Crunchy becomes super protective over my belly in the early morning before we wake up. He likes to cuddle my belly. When I’m laying on my left side, he lies on my right side and purrs and purrs and purrs over the belly, wrapping his tail around it. It’s a sweet bonding moment for me. I think Crunchy is going to be so sweet to our baby. Luckily they make cat nets to go over cribs to prevent cats from accidentally suffocating babies when they are trying to cuddle with the baby. We will definitely need one of those! Crunchy is too sweet for his own good. :-)

A week from today, we get to find out the gender!!! We are so excited we can hardly stand it! As I said in my last post, I have felt like it was a boy from the beginning…..but who knows? :-)
I would love for it to be a boy, so that he can be the big brother and protector over our other future children. But I would also love for it to be a girl, so that I can watch her own Dave. Dave says if it is a girl, “Life as I know it will be over. She will have me wrapped around her finger.” Hahahahahaha
Either way, we are so excited!!! Next Tuesday can’t get here fast enough. I just can’t wait to see our little baby kicking and moving around again, and seeing the progress of the growth over the last several weeks since our last ultrasound!

With the excitement of being half way done, and the gender reveal next week, we went out and bought baby’s first outfit (from us at least. We’ve already gotten a few things from friend’s and family.) :-) Dave found them (it was a 2 pack) amongst all the cute baby clothes, and we knew it was the one. And bonus, they are onesies! The yellow one has thin yellow and white stripes, and 2 elephants cuddling. The white outfit has 2 elephants and a duck all holding tails…..SO adorable!!!!





Can’t handle the cuteness. And I can’t believe our little baby will be inside of those outfits in only 4 1/2 months!!! I can’t wait to start getting more baby clothes and baby things!
I’ve decided I really love grays, pastel greens, and pastel yellows. I also love cute animals on baby things, like elephants, giraffes, and lions.:-)
Once we know what gender the baby is, it will be fun figuring out a baby “theme” and colors we really like the most. Such an exciting time!
Dave’s mom has already started talking baby shower ideas and registry, and it gets me so excited!!! So much fun. :-)

On another note, I’m feeling pretty great! I do get pretty bad heartburn at night, so TUMS has become my best friend. Work is getting pretty difficult being on my feet all day. My body becomes pretty achy by the end of my shifts. I also get out of breath easily climbing stairs. (We have 2 stair cases at work.)
I’m very thankful my morning sickness has been over for a few weeks now! That has been great! Also my energy levels are through the roof when I’m home. Most days lately I feel like superwoman. I’m not sure if this is part of the ‘nesting phase,’ but something about being home has been making me accomplish a billion things I want to get done. It’s hard to explain, but it feels great!
My severe cravings and appetite have calmed down, which is so wonderful. My appetite was insane, I was a bottomless pit. I remember one night waking up at 3 in the morning crying because I just wanted to eat and eat and eat. Crazy emotions haha!

I’ve been a crocheting machine lately. I am almost done working on one of my friend’s baby blankets. It makes me excited for when I can start on our baby’s blanket next week!!!

Boy or girl? What do you think? :-)

Well, after reading over my post to make sure I didn’t leave out anything, I have noticed that my theme word for this post has been “excited!” Hahaha
It’s one day closer to finding out if baby Herring is a boy or girl….and another day closer until we meet our sweet, amazing, adorable, miracle baby…..and you know what I am? EXCITED!!!


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