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Come On, Gungor

Not to ‘poke the bear’ on this Gungor issue that’s all over the ‘Christian’ music scene right now (exhibit 1, exhibit 2 & 2.5, exhibit 3), but come on Gungor.

1) This is from their email list, which I am a subscriber of.


2) This is from Twitter just 2 days ago.



And yet Michael, you wonder why people are trying to wrap their minds around all of your posts and tweets this past week?



On Monday I shared this on Facebook:

We’re all watching the Church be persecuted in Iraq and in other parts of the world. It’s tragic, horrible, and so painful to see. I am prone to feel helpless, as if there is nothing I can do to change their situation.

I invite every believer to join me in a FAST this Tuesday for Iraq and our persecuted family. This means abstaining from food, and praying when you’re hungry. Use hunger pain to remind you of their suffering.

When the Church will fast, God will move. So many stories and examples of this in the Scriptures.

Will you join me?

I’ve been pretty amazed at the response of shares and people joining on. I wanted to add something, because it’s often difficult to organize a fast with a group. Many people began fasting on Monday. The multitude will fast today. Others will fast tomorrow, or later this week.

The point isn’t to necessarily fast all at once (though, there are stories in the Scriptures where a national fast did power things. See Judges 19-20). But it’s to start deepening prayers by being completely humble.

So fast today, or fast tomorrow. Or fast for several days. Whatever will humble yourself, and open yourself up to a deeper prayer for people who are suffering persecution & martyrdom.

Use #Fast4Iraq on your social media and invite other believers to join in this effort.

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